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Drunk driving charges can result in serious consequences, but a DWI Lawyer in Dallas, TX may be able to help. Contact Spangler Law for your defense options.

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We can all agree that mistakes are inevitable; however, the repercussions of specific errors are far more severe than others. If you’ve been arrested on a DWI charge in Dallas, Tx, you should know that the state and local authorities treat this crime very seriously. Drunk driving is a serious crime that puts you and the lives of others in danger and may land you in jail.

Statistics show that Texas is one of the top five states having the highest number of drunk driving accidents. In Texas, 25,261 drunk-driving accidents occurred in 2021, resulting in 1,029 fatalities (one fatality every 8.5 hours) and 2,522 cases of personal injury.

These statistics justify why DWI is taken seriously in the lone star state. The penalties for drunk driving charges, if you are convicted, can result in hefty fines, incarceration, loss of your driver’s or occupational license, higher auto insurance costs, and restrictions on your freedom and personal life. For this reason, you need an experienced criminal defense attorney in Dallas, Texas, when charged with DWI.

How Is DWI Defined in Texas?

Driving under the influence DUI or DWI (driving while intoxicated) in Texas refers to the illegal operation of a motor vehicle in public while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. While “DUI” is more popular, the legal term for this offense in Texas is Dallas DWI.

Over 21-year-olds who drive with a blood alcohol level above .08 may be arrested for driving under the influence. However, a DWI arrest can be made if a driver under 21 has any detectable alcohol in their system.

How Do Blood Alcohol Levels Determine DWI Charges?

DWI charges in Dallas County are based on a person’s breath or (B.A.C.) blood alcohol concentration at the time of the arrest. The blood alcohol concentration (B.A.C.) of an individual, as measured by a breath or blood test, can be affected by several factors, including their weight, the amount and types of beverages consumed, or even their gender.

Legal cutoffs for blood alcohol content in Texas are as follows:

  • 21 years old or older: 0.08%
  • Commercial drivers: 0.04%
  • Younger than 21: Any detectible amount

Severe Consequences for a DWI in Dallas County, Texas

Penalties for driving while intoxicated in Texas are severe and based on prior convictions and other aggravating factors surrounding the charge.

However, it is also worth noting that there is no look-back period for driving while intoxicated in Texas, which means that any conviction stays on your record and will not be expunged.

The penalties for DWI are classified as follows:

Penalty for First DWI Offense

  • Class B misdemeanor
  • Fine of up to a $2,000
  • Two years license suspension
  • Annual fines of up to $2,000 for three years to retain your driving license
  • Between 3 and 180 days of jail time
  • Community Service between 24 and 100 hours
  • DWI intervention or education program
  • Penalties for a Second DWI Offense

Class A Misdemeanor

  • Fine: up to a $4,000
  • Two years license suspension
  • Annual fines of up to $2,000 for three years to retain your driving license
  • Between 30 days and one year of jail time
  • Community service: between 80 and 200 hours
  • DWI intervention or education program
  • Possible ignition interlock device

Penalties for a Third and Subsequent DWI Offense:

  • Felony in the third degree
  • Fine of up to a $10,000
  • Jail term range between 2 and 10 years
  • License suspension of up to 2 years
  • An annual fine of up to $2,000 for three years to keep your license
  • Community service of around 160 and 600 hours
  • DWI intervention or education program
  • Possible ignition interlock device

Do I Need a Lawyer for a DWI in Texas?

Although it isn’t compulsory to have a law firm represent you, If you are arrested and charged with DWI in Dallas, TX, It is advisable to hire a criminal defense lawyer. A criminal defense attorney will investigate the prosecution’s case for inconsistencies to refute the allegations in DWI cases. Your DUI lawyer can also employ the following tactics in your defense, some of which have shown promise in similar circumstances:

  • Upon arrest, you did not exhibit any signs of intoxication
  • Faulty evidence was used to convict you
  • The evidence is inadequate to sustain a criminal prosecution
  • There was not enough cause to pull you over
  • Either the breathalyzer or blood test used was found to be inaccurate

Cost of Hiring a DWI Lawyer in Texas?

There is no doubt that a skilled attorney costs money, but it is nothing compared to the cost of a DUI. DWI lawyer costs vary greatly depending on your lawyer and the facts of your case. In addition to whether your case goes to trial or not, other complications will also have an effect on how much your attorney will charge you.

Contact our attorneys at Spangler Law to schedule a consultation for a more accurate fee estimate.

What to Do About Your Texas Driver’s License Suspension

To request a hearing on your driver’s license, you must do so within 15 days after the date of your arrest. You might lose your license and pay steep fines if you don’t ask for a hearing.

During this hearing, it is vital that you retain legal counsel to contest the suspension of your driver’s license. Having a DWI attorney present at this hearing will allow him to ask the arresting officer questions.

Choosing the Right DWI Lawyer Can Make A Huge Difference In Your Case Results

Due to the complexity and severity of DWI penalties, it is crucial that you consider the experience of your DWI attorney when choosing legal counsel. When arrested for DWI, a competent lawyer knows that it is preferable to either have the case dismissed or negotiate a plea to a lesser charge since a conviction for DWI cannot be reversed.

The outcome of your DWI case depends on whether a certified criminal law professional handles it.

Experienced Dallas DWI Lawyers

Choosing the right DWI lawyer is important since a conviction can result in lost driving privileges, mandatory minimum jail time, and the loss of future employment opportunities in certain fields, such as security.

When you retain the services of a Dallas DWI lawyer from Spangler Law, you can be confident we will do all we can to defend your rights in court and assist you throughout every step of the case.

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