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The Right Burglary Defense Lawyer in Dallas, TX Can Make All The Difference

Burglary lawyers could help you if you were arrested or involved with a burglary. Find out more about their services and how they can help.

What Do Burglary Lawyers Do?

Burglary lawyers help people who have been charged with burglary or are defending themselves against a burglary charge.

Burglary is the criminal act of breaking and entering a building or structure without permission, with the intent of committing a crime.

Attorneys who work on this type of case offer legal representation and support to their clients and sometimes represent them in court.

When Should I Hire a Burglary Criminal Defense Lawyer?

If you have been charged with burglary or are under investigation for burglary, it’s in your best interest to immediately speak to a burglary or a criminal defense lawyer.

A good burglary lawyer will also be able to assist you in dealing with the fallout of a burglary charge, such as losing your job or being unable to travel overseas. Burglary is a serious crime, so it’s in your best interest to find a burglary lawyer practicing this area of law.

It’s better if you don’t wait until you’re in trouble to hire a trusted burglary lawyer, as time is of the essence during any criminal case!

Many people wait until they’re charged with some degree of burglary or are under investigation for a burglary charge. This puts you at a disadvantage.

What Are the Degrees of Charges Related to Burglary?

The degrees of burglary charges are first degree, second degree, and third degree. Burglary would be a first-degree offense if the building or structure that was entered were used in connection with the commission of a criminal violation.

Burglary is a second-degree offense if the building or structure was used in connection with the commission of criminal wrongdoing, and no one was inside at the time of the crime.

Burglary is a third-degree offense if the building or structure was entered without the intention of committing a criminal offense or if the building or structure was entered with the intention of committing a specific type of crime, but the crime was not committed.

The misdemeanor violation of breaking and entering is a lower degree of burglary and is charged as a fourth degree.

If a person committed robbery, theft, or assault, the prosecutor might upgrade the offense of burglary to a higher degree.

Child abuse and possession of child pornography criminal charges can add to the felony penalties. An experienced burglary lawyer can help you navigate the legal matters and may be able to assist you in negotiating a plea deal or other resolution.

How Can I Find a Trusted Burglary Criminal Lawyer?

Searching for a trustworthy burglary lawyer is a complex process, but it can be done. First, you should research the qualifications of prospective burglary lawyers. Make sure they have experience in burglary law that relates to the charges you have been accused of. Ensure they have an impressive client list and that their reviews are positive.

They should offer a free consultation and explain unlawful entry charges and the prosecution of the accused person. And finally, make sure that they are an experienced public defender who could beat the accused’s possible defense strategies.

Often, criminal defense lawyers practice a particular area of law. If so, make sure they will be able to provide the representation that you need. Also, if possible, ask for references so that you can speak to their past clients. This will allow you to better understand their level of service and their ability to meet your needs.

What Is the Expected Jail Time for a Burglary Crime?

The circumstances of the crime are often determined by the judge, who will decide what the punishment will be. The judge will determine the sentence after considering the seriousness of the crime, the defendant’s cooperation, and the defendant’s mentality. There is also reasonable doubt in determining the sentence. The nature of a burglary crime will range from probation to significant jail time.

The state prison system is overpopulated and overcrowded, which is why the sentence that is given will depend on the offender’s criminal history. In the case of minor theft, the arrested party can be guilty of a lesser charge. Also, the evidence can be circumstantial. So, the accused party needs to be given the benefit of the doubt before being arrested. The burglary defense lawyers can be of assistance in such cases.

How Much Does a Criminal Defense Attorney Cost?

Typically, the more serious the felony, the more you can expect to pay to hire a lawyer. It is usually not possible for the accused person to represent themselves in a burglary case, so it is essential to find a good lawyer from an experienced law firm.

Oftentimes, the initial consultation with lawyers can be costly, and the lawyer may require a retainer before the case is even assigned. However, you can get a free case review from the team at Spangler Law to start off.

The conviction of the crimes in a burglary case can also lead to additional fees. Some lawyers will charge a percentage of the amount if you are arrested or sent to jail. The conviction can be considered a misdemeanor if the accused didn’t commit theft and did not intend to commit theft.

When to Hire a Burglary Lawyer

As a general rule, it is never a good idea to wait until you are in facing a trial date before hiring a criminal lawyer. It is better to hire one early, as soon as you suspect you may be under investigation for a crime.

At Spangler Law, we take the time to examine every facet of your situation and put together the strongest case possible under the circumstances.

Good luck with your case!